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Business & Market Development

Our team of business development service specialists work with micro, small and medium sized agricultural enterprises including small scale farmer enterprises, in building their capacity to increase efficiency, profitability and market reach. Drawing from its extensive experience working in the sector. EAMDA focuses on facilitating the establishment and growth of sustainable
enterprises across value chains that support the livelihoods of smallholder producers.
Our key activity areas include the following:

Smallholder farming systems initiatives support

Smallholder sustainable agriculture is the most efficient and socially just way towards increasing and sustaining smallholder farmers' incomes and improving their livelihoods. 

By leveraging support to initiatives that enhance smallholder farming market systems EAMDA reached over 10,000 farmers in various value chains where it supports in:

  • increasing productivity,

  • resilience to climate change,

  • improving household incomes, and food security.

Agribusiness development and SME capacity building

Agribusiness has a major role to play in the transformation of the agricultural sector. A growth in the population especially in developed countries has seen a rise in demand for high-value food products, creating an opportunity for the production and export of these goods. To capture the benefits of this trend and capitalize on this for long-term agricultural growth, EAMDA continously promotes the capacity building of agribusinesses

Access to finance for farmers and agricultural enterprises

Effective organizational frameworks, such as cooperatives and farmer-based organizations (FBOs), enable farmers to focus on commercial activities and participate competitively in value chains. EAMDA works in-conjunction with County governments to provide an enabling environment to promote and strengthen the development of cooperatives and FBO's as economic enterprises that can easily access finance for their members.

Youth and women inclusive business environments

A major threat to sustainable development and social stability is the growing number of unemployed youth and women who continue to experience barriers in almost every aspect of economic life. Women continue to suffer from persistent social and cultural discrimination and unequal access to and control over assets and services.

In order to mitigate against these threats, EAMDA focuses on activities that enable women and youth to engage in productive activities, that generate income and thereby reduce poverty.

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