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Agri-Business Consulting

Our team of consultants and associates work in collaboration with clients to develop and establish agri-based enterprises that contribute towards the socio-economic development of African industries and businesses.

EAMDA has wide expertise and experience in agri-enterprise development which includes, among other areas, value chain analysis, sector comparative and competitiveness analysis, business development services (BDS), provision of market-led program design, market research, feasibility assessments, amongst others.

Value Chain Analysis

EAMDA uses value chain analysis to gain a visual model of how business activities, are functioning within the value chain. This helps to determine which steps can be taken to create a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and increase profit margins.

Identification of Investment Opportunities

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We utilize a vigorous 3 stage process that includes. active quantitative screening to identify the potentials of a company in investment, prior to carrying out a per-selection, and in-depth fundamental analysis that showcases the most viable investment opportunities.

Sector Comparative and Competetive Analysis

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By applying indexes such as Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA), Relative Trade Advantage (RTA), and Domestic Resource Costs (DRC) to products results in indicators that disclose the
comparative trade, competitiveness, and production advantages of each product and how these  can be used to identify bottlenecks that have significant effects on trade patterns.